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Repairing a swimming pool crack with Anchor stitching

Do you fill you swimming pool daily? Is it cracked and leaking water? How do you fix it permanently? Concrete anchor stitching is a fairly quick, efficient and cost effective way to fix a pool crack repair permanently.

The concrete anchor stitching technique involves the use of custom made stainless steel shackles which are engineered not to flex. Tensioning is achieved by tightening the anchor on the machined wedge applying force along the ... read more

Guide to Building in Spain

Understand the rules and regulations in relation to building in Spain...

Disclaimer: The content of this document is provided for guidance only, and while every effort has been made by the author to ensure the accuracy of the information and translations contained, no liability can be accepted for any errors omissions and inaccuracies, or for the opinions expressed herein.

Type of Planning Zones

All properties in Spain fall into one of two categories of planning zone:

1. ... read more

Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE), Energy Proficiency Certificate

The Spanish government requires all existing homes that are for sale or rent to have an "energy certificate".

The Ministry of Industry has finalised a set of regulations that will make it obligatory for all homes that are sold or rented (in excess of 4 months) in Spain to have an "energy efficiency certificate". This is a document that describes how efficient your home's energy consumption is and will cost around 250 Euros for ... read more



Masonry clay block construction is becoming widely adopted in many European countries and is likely to revolutionize the construction industry.

Precision engineered, thermal clay blocks are vertically perforated walling units made from clay and 20% recycled materials. Exceptionally fast to use, they provide a virtually dry construction combined with high strength and thermal efficiency. Reducing build time by more than half, thermal blocks provide an efficient alternative to brick/block cavity wall ... read more

Land Drainage or French Drain


It is a well known scientific fact that water always flows downhill and by the easiest possible route! A slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and perforated pipe used to divert underground water away from your house is the basic concept of a French drain. This is a common drainage system primarily used to prevent ground water from penetrating or damaging building foundations by providing an easy channel ... read more

What to do before the expiry of your ´Decenal´ guarantee.

Decinal Insurance Failing House

May 2000 required a ´builders´guarantee´ on all newbuild properties to be insured via a ´Decenal´ insurance policy. It is important to note that the first guarantees are now in the process of expiring. So we urge people to act now!

If you have any cracking at all in your property, it's important that this is assessed, and if appropriate reported to the your decenal insurers and architect prior to the expiry of your ... read more

Damp Problems

Traditional Townhouse reform in Lorcha

Without a doubt a traditional town house would offer character, ample space and often a cheaper price tag. However, be aware that along with the lower price can come maintenance issues like damp or insect infestation which will make for a costly renovation. Be very careful to ensure that what looks good on the outside is not just camouflage and hiding a multitude of problems.

You must look for clues like if ceiling beams ... read more