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Outside type projects

Secure Perimeter Fencing

Nice and straight

Fencing of land is important, especially out in the countryside where if land is not properly marked you could end up with ownership disputes. Security from outside, both human and animals is essential also. Animals can get in and ruin plants and crops or even threaten your own pets and we all know what happens when humans have easy access. In this project we fitted 750m of fencing around a smallholding in ... read more

Septic Tank installation in Daya Vieja, Spain

Traditionally in Spain Septic tanks were nothing more than a brick built chamber in a hole in the ground. The bricks were laid such that the water could seep out into the ground and soak away. These days new builds need to have a proper septic tank fitted. In the project below we fitted a three stage biological septic tank with a Fat separation tank. The fat separator channels all the detergents and ... read more

Pool Bar Torrevieja Spain

This client in Torrevieja wanted to spruce up the outside pool area of his new villa with a sporty bar. The pergola needed a revamp also. We retiled all around the pool area and then built a new bar and pump house for the pool. Behind the bar we set up a pool heating heat pump. The bar area was designed by M3bt and the client and although modern in finish it has ... read more

Pool and Pool Terrace Repair in Denia

Pool and Pool Terrace Repair Denia.

This Swimming pool terrace in Denia was above an under build apartment and was not waterproof. The pool had several cracks and was leaking in several places. The coronation was also very large and cumbersome and old fashioned and the client wanted to modernize the look of the terrace whilst repairing the swimming pool. The first thing to be removed was the concrete coronation revealing the source of ... read more

Swimming Pool Repair Bedar, Almeria

Skimmed pool

Swimming Pool Crack Repairs

This was a difficult repair to undertake. In reality the pool needed to be totally replaced as the ground that it is built on is moving. The geo technical study suggested that piling depth would be around 18m or more meaning that the cost to pile would be prohibitive. Given that the pool had lasted 6 years the client opted for a lighter weight, lower cost flexible repair that would ... read more

Swimming Pool Repair Moraira, Spain

M3BT build brand new pools but often we are called in to effect repairs where a pool is cracked or leaking or to retile and revitalize. On this pool in Moraira we were tasked with repairing a leaking pool and at the same time reduce the depth of the deep end. We removed all the tiles and the original steps and repaired all cracks around the base and walls of the pool once ... read more

Retaining Wall Spanish Rock Method

This property had a serious problem where a 4m high retaining wall was failing and threatening collapse into neighboring property. Damage and injury could occur and the wall needed to be replaced quickly.

Given that only the land needed to be retaining as there was no movement in the house itself, we decided to break out the old wall and rebuild using a Spanish Rock retaining wall or Escollera. At the same time ... read more

Javea Terrace Damp Proofing

This villa in Javea had a terrace over the lower section of the house with the swimming pool attached. The main problem was in the lower rooms there was a significant problem with damp ingress. The windows and door sections also were not sealed properly and water was seeping into the lounge and kitchen area. Our brief was to remove the old terrace and waterproof the whole deck area and the wall edges. ... read more

Terrace and Paella House

The outside space for a Spanish Home is the most important area because this is where you will spend most of your time. Outdoor life is an integral part of the Spanish lifestyle, and they do it very well. At M3BT we have the experience of making the best of your outdoor space. This project saw us add many meters of terraces and then build a barbeque /Paella house with attached outside toilet.

... read more