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Reformation type projects

Pool Bar Torrevieja Spain

This client in Torrevieja wanted to spruce up the outside pool area of his new villa with a sporty bar. The pergola needed a revamp also. We retiled all around the pool area and then built a new bar and pump house for the pool. Behind the bar we set up a pool heating heat pump. The bar area was designed by M3bt and the client and although modern in finish it has ... read more

Swimming Pool Repair Bedar, Almeria

Skimmed pool

Swimming Pool Crack Repairs

This was a difficult repair to undertake. In reality the pool needed to be totally replaced as the ground that it is built on is moving. The geo technical study suggested that piling depth would be around 18m or more meaning that the cost to pile would be prohibitive. Given that the pool had lasted 6 years the client opted for a lighter weight, lower cost flexible repair that would ... read more

Reform In Moraira

This reform in Moraira M3BT ripped out and replaced the bathrooms. We used natural marble tile pieces. The front terrace was extended out to take in the wonderful views. We replaced the tiles on the terrace and added pillars for support. All the old railings were removed and replaced with stainless steel. We refurbished the under build apartment and the outside barbeque paella house. The fireplace was replaced and all the internal room ... read more

New build Guest House, Alberique, Spain

In this project we were asked to build a pool-side guest house. We designed the area between the new building and the old to incorporate a terraced area that formed a courtyard. In this area we built a large barbeque and food prep area with sink etc. This forms a common area to entertain at yet provides the privacy of having separate dwellings.

The guest house features a bedroom, lounge and full ... read more

Swimming Pool Repair Moraira, Spain

M3BT build brand new pools but often we are called in to effect repairs where a pool is cracked or leaking or to retile and revitalize. On this pool in Moraira we were tasked with repairing a leaking pool and at the same time reduce the depth of the deep end. We removed all the tiles and the original steps and repaired all cracks around the base and walls of the pool once ... read more

Marchuquera Structural Failure

This property had a structural failure caused by something as simple as a leaking roof terrace. Over years water had soaked into the concrete and mortar structure of the roof slab and eroded the strength of the steel reinforcement and the concrete. The integrity of the concrete reached a point where it could no longer support the weight of water being absorbed and the roof section collapsed. The falling debris then destroyed the ... read more

Structural Reform Alcoy, Spain

Structural reformations are all different. At M3BT we work closely with qualified Surveyors, Architects and Technical Architects to provide the solution as cost effectively as possible. Often we are working with and insurance company so repairs have to be guaranteed and to a very high quality.

This property in Alcoy had serious movement and cracking issues because of poor foundations laid in clay soil. Heave and Subsidence from wet and dry spells makes ... read more

Malaga Damp Proofing Walls and Floors

When reforming an old property you will have to pay special attention to damp proofing as rarely are they protected from water ingress. This project in Antequera near Malaga was no exception. There was a considerable rising damp problem and ingress through the mortar of the original stone walls.

The outer walls were stripped of the old mortar and re-rendered with a waterproof tanking mortar. This was applied with a mesh to guard against ... read more

Finestrat Bodega

This project was an under build conversion near Benidorm. The brief was to create a bodega style feel to the area with a bar, shower room and cinema. The bricks used were hand made using the same method as they would have been hundreds of years ago. We converted an extra area under the front terrace and created a bar and gym area. The final room space now has a pool table and ... read more

Lorcha Townhouse

This is a reform of a town house in Lorcha, near Muro de Alcoy.