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Structural type projects

Gunite Retaining Wall in Altea

This project in Altea logistically was very difficult as the house was on a steep sloping plot with very narrow Access. The wall was 28m long and 5m high so heavy gauge steel was required…and a lot of it! The poor access meant that we had to crane all materials over the top of the house. The foundations had to be dug out by hand. All the steels were erected against a plastic ... read more

Retaining Wall Moraira, Spain

In this project the property had issues with movement and needed piling and re-leveling by injection.. The first job was to retain the land from further sliding. Space was very limited so we had to dig out foundations by hand and had all steel and machinery delivered by crane over the house. We then lined the existing wall and fitted shuttering to form the shape and fitted the steel cages for the ... read more

Retaining Wall Spanish Rock Method

This property had a serious problem where a 4m high retaining wall was failing and threatening collapse into neighboring property. Damage and injury could occur and the wall needed to be replaced quickly.

Given that only the land needed to be retaining as there was no movement in the house itself, we decided to break out the old wall and rebuild using a Spanish Rock retaining wall or Escollera. At the same time ... read more

Marchuquera Structural Failure

This property had a structural failure caused by something as simple as a leaking roof terrace. Over years water had soaked into the concrete and mortar structure of the roof slab and eroded the strength of the steel reinforcement and the concrete. The integrity of the concrete reached a point where it could no longer support the weight of water being absorbed and the roof section collapsed. The falling debris then destroyed the ... read more

Structural Terrace Repair Gandia, Spain

This terrace was built on bad foundations and was rolling away and cracking around the line of the pool. We dug out the terrace and built a new increased area flat section. Once compacted we dug out foundations and built a reinforced concrete retain wall. The space behind was backfilled with brick spoil and then compacted. Once compacted a steel reinforced concrete base was laid and tied into the existing terrace. We then ... read more

Structural Reform Alcoy, Spain

Structural reformations are all different. At M3BT we work closely with qualified Surveyors, Architects and Technical Architects to provide the solution as cost effectively as possible. Often we are working with and insurance company so repairs have to be guaranteed and to a very high quality.

This property in Alcoy had serious movement and cracking issues because of poor foundations laid in clay soil. Heave and Subsidence from wet and dry spells makes ... read more