Air Conditioning – Next summer be extra cool.

Air Conditioning – Next summer be extra cool.

On the Costa Blanca for about 3 months of the year it’s just too hot and humid with more and more of our neighbours heading back to Blighty for the cooler weather. 2019´s U.K weather was very extreme and variable and so friends found it even hotter there without air conditioning.

Air Conditioning provides a cool night´s sleep.

The summer temperatures in Spain can reach over 40°C (104°F) and although properties are built to withstand the heat, you may wish to install air conditioning. Be aware that there can be negative effects if you suffer from asthma or respiratory problems and it’s easy to catch an infection when your body undergoes extreme changes in temperature. Air-conditioning units cost from around €400 (plus installation) for a 2,000 BTU ( frigorías) unit, which is sufficient to cool an average size room. Some air-conditioners are noisy, so check the noise level before buying one.

An air-conditioning system with a heat pump provides cooling in summer and economical heating in winter – a system with an outside compressor providing radiant heating and cooling costs around €950 per room. Many people fit ceiling fans for extra cooling in the summer (costing from around €65), which are standard fixtures in some new homes.

Central heating and air-conditioning dry the air considerably and may cause your family to develop coughs and other ailments. Those who find dry air unpleasant can install humidifi¬ers ( humidificador) which add moisture to the air. These range from simple water containers hung from radiators to electrical or battery-operated devices. Humidifiers that don’t generate steam should be disinfected occasionally with a special liquid available from chemists. On the other hand, damp and high humidity are common problems in many holiday homes and it’s worthwhile installing de-humidifiers ( deshumidificador), especially in the bedrooms, to prevent clothes and linen going mouldy. De-humidifiers are very useful in homes near the coast where humidity levels in winter are very high.

Many air conditioning units have a dehumidifying setting too so the machine can work three fold for you. With the added benefit of controlling your unit by WIFI it means you can manage your home whilst being abroad.

You needn´t suffer in the heat just get in touch and M3BT will advise and install for a more comfortable summer.