Swimming Pool Repair Bedar, Almeria

The project

Situated in Bedar in Almeria.

This was a difficult repair to undertake. In reality the pool needed to be totally replaced as the ground that it was built on was moving. The geo technical study suggested that piling depth would be around 18m or more meaning that the cost to pile would be prohibitive. Given that the pool had lasted 6 years the client opted for a lighter weight, lower cost flexible repair that would last another 6 or more years. The structure had cracked through in places which were feeding water into the base of the pool making matters worse, one of the first problems that we had to resolve.


We stripped out the tiles in the pool only to find out the constructor had used ordinary soil on top of the concrete base with a layer of mortar to make up the levels, which was water logged. The cracks were broken out and dried and then drilled and strapped using a specialist pre-tensile pool strap system epoxied into place and then a flexible waterproof compound injected into the crack. The whole pool was then floated with a flexible mortar with a mesh embedded in it. The pool was then retiled.


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