Masonry clay block construction is becoming widely adopted in many European countries and is likely to revolutionize the construction industry.

Precision engineered, thermal clay blocks are vertically perforated walling units made from clay and 20% recycled materials. Exceptionally fast to use, they provide a virtually dry construction combined with high strength and thermal efficiency. Reducing build time by more than half, thermal blocks provide an efficient alternative to brick/block cavity wall construction.

Absorbing natural energy from the sun as well as heat that originates in the house, clay blocks later release the absorbed heat back into the room air. The absorption and release of heat, keeps temperature variations balanced, thus saving energy. For instance, during winter your house remains comfortably warm, whilst in the summer staying pleasantly cool, keeping heating costs minimal. Additionally, wall surfaces remain dry in every season ensuring comfortable room climates are achieved.

Using the clay block system, there is also reduced material consumption enabling builders and construction professionals to achieve maximum build volume for minimum material use. Builders can create accurate, clean and homogenous walls faster with shorter construction times.

Among additional benefits are faster availability for finishing trades gained from 95% less water usage: as the blocks feature unique interlocking edges giving exceptional rigidity, no vertical jointing is necessary: less repetitive strain gives heightened construction safety, reduced dermatological risk and thermal and acoustical efficiency.

Where externally exposed, the blocks are designed to receive a typical render or a proprietary cladding system, functional rather than aesthetic. Internally plasters, or plasterboard over an initial parge coat, are normally used to provide a finish and the primary air barrier.

In environmental terms, clay blocks construction provides for a healthy living habitat, energy savings and
acoustical benefits.

Using thermal clay blocks makes it possible to plan, build and live according to environmental and long term economic principles.

Consequently the client benefits from the building being completed sooner whilst the builder sees a quicker return on investment, and is able to complete more projects in a given period, ensuring higher efficiency with better control on time and costs, in addition to fewer errors and a cleaner, more pleasant site.